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Video available from conference on Traditional Cultural Expression

In November 2008 OITP hosted a conference in Washington, D.C. titled “Cultural Heritage and Living Culture: Defining The U.S. Library Position on Access and Protection of Traditional Cultural Expression.” The objectives of the conference included the following:

  • To clarify and record the key issues for libraries that collect, provide access to, and preserve traditional cultural expression;
  • To recognize that due to the unique nature of TCE and their link to cultural identity, typical models of protection and management of creative works may be ill suited;
  • To stimulate the necessary awareness in the U.S. library community; and
  • To help frame positions to represent the U.S. library community and the public interest in WIPO debates

Check out the conference Web site, and explore the resources section to find videorecordings of many of the sessions.

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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