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OITP Provides E-Rate Insight in American Libraries Article

Carrie Lowe, Director of OITP’s Program on Networks, recently contributed an article to the October 2008 issue of American Libraries called “Rethinking the E-Rate.” In it, Lowe describes the origins of the E-rate and underscores the importance of this funding in providing telecommunications, Internet access, internal connections, and connection maintenance to libraries. Lowe explains some of the challenges of the E-rate (such as the byzantine application process) and dispels some of its myths (such as the belief that a library must filter its Internet connection in order to be eligible for any funding). Finally, she urges more libraries to participate in the program, and offers ways for libraries to get help with the process through biannual OITP E-rate training workshops and the OITP E-Rate Task Force.

Rethinking the E-Rate” (PDF)

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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