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Military Libraries Launch Media Roundtable

Yesterday, Military librarians came together to announce the new additions to the Military OneSource online library. This has been a joint collaboration of all branches of the military in an effort to increase the online library offerings to all service members and their families. The lead librarians of each service have worked hard to ensure that quality materials will be made available online seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day to people of all ages.

Not only will this new offering on Military OneSource be a more convenient way for service members and their families to access materials, but this collaboration will also save the different branches from purchasing the same materials separately. These new resources will be especially helpful to those National Guard and Reserve service members and families that do not have regular access to a general military library. Now all service members can access the same materials in one place.

The new resources are a custom collection compiled by several vendors. Military librarians worked with these vendors to select books and media that best suit their patrons’ needs. The collection gathered consists of a combination of recreation and self-help material that comes in different formats including audio, interactive, and text. The vendors each spoke briefly about their contribution to the new capabilities on Military OneSource. The following list includes the participating vendors and a brief description of their products:

  • Playaway: Individual audio books that can be passed around among the soldiers over seas that come equipped with a battery, lanyard and the earphones.
  • EBSCO: Reference Center: A collection of “do it yourself” reference materials including auto repair, small engine repair, home improvement and gardening. EBSCO also has a database called COIN that allows people to take aptitude tests to see what types of careers might suit them and also provides information about those careers paths.
  • Peterson Lifelong Learning: A test prep database that provides practice tests and materials to aid in the preparation of many different types of exams.
  • NetLibrary (OCLC): A compilation of all different types of both audio and print books available online (1,068 e-books and 1,860 audio books).
  • Safari and Proquest: A collection of tech and business books that can be searched using a keyword with selections from the appropriate books shown in the results. This process saves the searcher time eliminating the need to read through each book to locate the material that they are looking for.
  • MyiLibrary: A collection of e-books that are text searchable including: Dummies Guides, foreign language materials, Nolo Legal Guides, and Encyclopedia Britannica Learning Lab.
  • Coutts: Paperback books that will be sent over seas on a monthly bases with 2000 books in each shipment.
  • Tumblebooks: Over 200 animated talking books that are appropriate for kindergarten through high school. This material also includes quizzes, games and lesson plans and are offered in English, French and Spanish.
Nellie Moffitt (L), Navy General Library Program Manager and OGR lobbist Jessica McGilvary share a few words about new Military OneSource materials.
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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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