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Grants Update

National Archives and Records Administration: Publication Subventions
This program provides support to publish volumes of National Historical Publications and Records Commission-sponsored or endorsed historical documentary editions.

Support for Cross-Cultural Projects throughout the U.S.
Laura Jane Musser Fund: Intercultural Harmony Program
The Intercultural Harmony Program, an initiative of the Laura Jane Musser Fund, promotes mutual understanding and cooperation between groups and citizens of different cultural backgrounds within defined geographical areas through collaborative, cross-cultural projects. Support is provided to nonprofit organizations throughout the United States that initiate programs that increase the level of interaction between the targeted groups. Funded projects can be carried out in a number of areas, including the arts, community service, and youth activities. Planning or implementation grants averaging from $7,500 to $20,000 are provided for new projects within their first three years of operation. The application deadline is October 1, 2008. Detailed application guidelines are available on the Foundation’s website.

Grants Identify Hidden Collections
Council on Library and Information Resources: Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives: Building a New Research Environment
The Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) helps to develop services that expand the concept of “library” and supports the providers and preservers of information. CLIR is creating a national program, Cataloging Hidden Special Collections and Archives: Building a New Research Environment, which will identify and catalog collections and archives that have never been adequately described. The records and descriptions obtained through this effort will be accessible through the Internet. The process will involve adopting a technology platform that will allow accurate descriptive information to be entered quickly and efficiently. The results of each project will be linked to and interoperable with those of all others to form a federated environment that can be built upon over time. Institutions of higher education and cultural organizations that hold important collections that are difficult or impossible to locate through finding aids are invited to submit requests for funding. Applications must be submitted online by September 2, 2008, through the CLIR website listed above.

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