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ALA Joins FCC Comments Against Content Filtering

The American Library Association, in conjunction with the Center for Democracy and Technology, Media Access Project, and 18 other public interest and industry organizations, have filed joint comments with the FCC urging the Commission to abandon its proposed content filtering mandate for the AWS-3 network.

The commentors identified several constitutional and legal problems with the Commission’s proposal. In its attempt to create a family-friendly online environment, the proposal conflicts with traditional First Amendment protections, requiring an AWS-3 service provider to block access to any text or video content that might harm a 5-year-old child in any way. The commenting group feels that the use of software filtering by parents and individual users is a constitutionally less restrictive alternative to governmental regulation of Internet content.

Read the full text of the comment here and visit for more information.

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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