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Grants Update

Forum Addresses Digital Preservation for Museums and Libraries
Connecting to Collections: A Call to Action: Collaboration in the Digital Age
Connecting to Collections: A Call to Action, is a national initiative of the Institute of Museum and Library Services dedicated to raising public awareness of the importance of caring for our treasures and underscoring the fact that these collections are essential to the American story. The National Tour assures that the initiative reaches a broad audience and inspires participants to share lessons learned and make collections care a top priority. The next forum in the National Tour, Collaboration in the Digital Age, responds to the needs of museums and libraries by helping staff think strategically and collaboratively about digitization and digital preservation. The forum will be held June 24-25, 2008, in Denver, CO. Online registration must be completed by May 23, 2008, through the website listed above.

Tracks to Success
Writing Grant Proposals: Making Space — Creating Time
The number one reason people give for not applying for a particular grant is that they don’t have the time. And it’s probably true. In this series, I’m going to share with you some of the tricks of the trade to help you organize your approach to grantseeking. We will cover everything from big picture thinking and how it can drive your grantseeking efforts, to how best to use volunteers. Throughout this series, I encourage you to send me your own tips, thoughts, and ideas about how to make grant writing more efficient. Email me at Be sure to note the subject: Tracks to Success Series Comments.) To read Part Six, “The RFP Decision Matrix,” visit the GrantStation website.

Projects Promoting Unity Supported
Kalliopeia Foundation
Kalliopeia Foundation is a private grantmaking organization committed to honoring the unity that lies at the heart of life’s rich diversity. The Foundation’s Oneness program supports projects which bring together the voices of those who are inspired to create, express, and define an emerging consciousness of oneness through many areas of human endeavor. Through the Indigenous Cultures program, grants are provided for projects initiated by Native communities that strengthen the flourishing of indigenous peoples, their culture, and worldview. The focus of the Nurturing the Inner Life program is on projects that work with people in ways that are deeply transformational, through which individuals can touch or return to their essential nature, especially in underserved communities. Letters of inquiry are accepted throughout the year. Visit the website listed above for detailed descriptions of each of the Foundation’s grant program areas.

The National Center for Family Literacy has issued a request for applications for the Dollar General Early Literacy Initiative.
The Foundation for Financial Literacy is accepting applications.
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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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