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ALA Washington Office Debuts Legislative Scorecard 2007

Legislative ScorecardALA members often inquire as to how their Members of Congress voted on issues of particular importance to libraries. In response, the ALA Washington Office has created the Legislative Scorecard.

Covering votes from 2007, the scorecard lists several key pieces of federal library-related legislation that ALA supported, and places a check mark beside the names of the Senators and Representatives who sponsored those bills.

For example, on the Senate page:

5. S 1121 – Co-sponsorship of the LIBRARIAN Act which supports the authorization for cancellation of Perkins Loans for students who perform public service as librarians in low-income schools and public libraries.

A user need only find his/her Senators and see if there is a checkmark under #5 to determine whether or not those Senators co-sponsored the LIBRARIAN Act.

If you find that your Members of Congress have sponsored several of these measures, use the Legislative Action Center to send them a note of thanks! Likewise, if your legislators have supported few or even none of these bills, send them a note expressing your support of libraries!

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.


  1. Gem Gem

    This is really interesting. Is there any thought of created a similar type scorecard indicating who has voted for items that are viewed as detrimental for libraries?

  2. Hi Gem —

    Thanks for your comment. There are no immediate plans to expand on the scorecard just yet. But keep your eyes on the blog for that to change.

    Andy Bridges

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