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DTV Awareness Week Part 2: Education Tools

This is Digital Television (DTV) Awareness Week in America’s public libraries! This week, the FCC will be conducting informational sessions at local public libraries across the country about the Nation’s transition from analog to digital broadcast television, also referred to as the DTV transition. To celebrate this week-long event, the ALA Washington Office will be releasing a series of tools for librarians to better educate themselves and their patrons, one a day on the District Dispatch blog.

Today’s release is a set of DTV Educational Tools, including three flyers and a PowerPoint presentation.

For more tools, please visit the FCC’s DTV Outreach page.


DTV Flier
This ALA-created image is perfect for posting in your library, answering the most basic of questions.


DTV Tips

This is the FCC’s DTV Fact Sheet. Very specific info, great for handouts.


DTV Tips

Think your patrons might want to purchase a Digital Television? This flier can answer a lot of those questions.


DTV PowerPoint

Right-click and choose “Save As” to download this FCC-created PowerPoint presentation. Perfect for informational events.

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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