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What does the world wide web mean to you? How has it changed the world in which we operate? Your own day-to-day activities? More importantly, how has it changed your library, the community it serves and the public that relies on the library for use of this essential technology? On September 22, people from around the world will participate in events celebrating the Web and how it has affected their lives. The celebration is called OneWebDay and here’s how you can join in the celebration at your library by hosting an event.

September 22 marks the second annual day for OneWebDay celebrations. OneWebDay came together last year to give people around the world a chance to celebrate the platform that powers websites across the Internet. Web enthusiasts in over 20 cities and in Second Life celebrated OneWebDay by gathering together to discuss how the web affects their lives. This year, organizers hope to organize more events and include as many people as possible.

Libraries serve an essential function within their communities as a gateway to information. As usage of the Web increased over the last several years, libraries across the country became providers of free, public access to this vast medium. While at the library, the public is able to perform the tasks, such as E-Government, education, economic development, health information and job applications. Each of these activities are important web transactions that can have an important effect on a person’s life, and, in the aggregate, these activities are commonplace at the modern public library. However, as recent research has shown, not everyone is aware of this vital role that libraries play.

What better way to highlight this role then by forming a OneWebDay celebration? Sharing your experiences and/or having the public rely on your library for the Internet can bring the library into focus as a provider of this powerful service. Your library can host or be a part of several celebrations around the world. Find out more at and find ideas for events at If your library will be hosting a OneWebDay event, the organizers would like to hear the specifics (who, what, etc.) from you at They will add your event to the listing at OneWebDay Events Wiki. Have a great OneWebDay!

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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