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Grants Update: August 21, 2007

For a list of grants with multiple or no deadlines, please visit the ALA Washington Office’s Grants page.

National Endowment for the Humanities
America’s Historical and Cultural Organizations Planning Grants

Public humanities programs promote the experience of lifelong learning in American and world history, literature, comparative religion, philosophy, and other fields of the humanities for broad public audiences.

Planning grants can be used to plan, refine, and develop the content and interpretive approach of programs that reach broad audiences, including exhibitions, interpretation at historic sites and houses, reading and discussion programs, Web-based or other digital projects, or other public programs that encourage discussion, analysis, and reflection in the humanities.

Deadline: September 5, 2007

Knowledge Adventure’s Schools In Need competition is open to educators and administrators at public, private and parochial schools within the United States. Winners will receive early literacy, vocabulary and reading comprehension materials, as well as training and support.

Deadline: December 15, 2007

Awards Encourage Learning in the Digital World
Digital Media and Learning Competition

The Digital Media and Learning Competition, funded by the MacArthur Foundation, will provide funding to emerging leaders and communicators shaping the field of digital media and learning. The Competition is seeking innovators developing formal and informal educational environments that inspire creative thinking while informing and providing context to the digital learning styles of people today. Awards will be given in the following two categories. Innovation Awards will support learning pioneers, entrepreneurs, and builders of new digital learning environments for formal and informal learning. Knowledge Networking Awards will support communicators in connecting, mobilizing, circulating, or translating new ideas around digital media and learning. Individuals, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and corporations are eligible to apply. The application deadline is October 15, 2007. Visit the website listed above for online application information.

Grants Increase Endowments for Humanities Programs
National Endowment for the Humanities: Challenge Grants

The National Endowment for the Humanities is an independent grantmaking agency of the U.S. government dedicated to supporting research, education, preservation, and public programs in the humanities. NEH’s Challenge Grants help institutions and organizations secure long-term improvements in and support for their humanities programs and resources. Challenge grants most commonly augment or establish endowments that support humanities activities. Grant recipients may use the income from invested funds to meet ongoing humanities-related costs. Awards are made to museums, public libraries, universities, research institutions, historical societies, public broadcasting stations, scholarly associations, state humanities councils, and other nonprofit entities. The upcoming application deadlines are November 1, 2007, and May 1, 2008. Visit the website listed above for program details and application guidelines.

Support for Organizations Safeguarding Freedoms
The Herb Block Foundation

The Herb Block Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that work to preserve basic freedoms and encourage citizen involvement in government at all levels. Through the Defending Freedoms program, the Foundation seeks proposals to safeguard the basic freedoms guaranteed in our Bill of Rights, to help eliminate all forms of prejudice and discrimination, and to assist government agencies to be more accountable to the public. Anti-discrimination projects which involve joint efforts of two or more organizations are encouraged. The Foundation will also consider proposals targeting contemporary societal issues that may arise. Letters of inquiry for this program are accepted from organizations throughout the United States. The application deadline is October 10, 2007. Visit the website listed above for program details and application guidelines.

Cross-Cultural Projects throughout the U.S. Promoted
Laura Jane Musser Fund: Intercultural Harmony Program

The Intercultural Harmony Program of the Laura Jane Musser Fund supports projects across the United States that promote mutual understanding and cooperation between groups and citizens. Funded projects should involve groups from different cultural backgrounds within defined geographical areas, and must be inter-cultural, rather than focused on just one culture. Projects can be carried out in a number of areas, including the arts, community service, and youth activities. The application deadline for the Intercultural Harmony Program is October 10, 2007. Visit the website listed above for more information.

South Carolina – 2007 Literacy & Health Care Awards


The Verizon Foundation is pleased to announce that it is currently inviting applications, in South Carolina, to receive financial grants that support technology in Literacy or Health Care programs. A total of $50,000 will be distributed to nonprofit organizations throughout the state in 2007. Grant Proposals are due on September 15, 2007.

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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