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EPA Update

Members of the library community (representing ALA, SLA, AALL, MLA, and FLICC) met with representatives of EPA on July 25, 2007 at ALA’s Washington Office. While the EPA seems to be making efforts to be more transparent and include the library community in the planning, they seem to have a long way to go. See the notes from 7/25/2007 meeting.

The EPA provided us with a framework for their new strategic plan, and, as you will see, there is not much there to comment on—

Information on their digitization efforts is still lacking. The attached white paper that they provided addresses basic digitization practices; it has nothing to do with the EPA’s practices.

Library community representatives met the following day with GAO investigators to keep them updated on what we are hearing from the EPA.

The library associations are working together on the next steps to best address what we have received/not received from EPA.

The EPA Libraries new web site is now launched: Feedback on the website as well as other issues may be directed to:

This information was sent previously in early August to ALA’s Committee on Legislation, Subcommittee on Federal Libraries, and other units involved directly with Government Information.

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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