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Represent Your Library Group in the Halls of Congress at Annual 2007!

During ALA’s 2007 Annual Conference in Washington, DC, library groups and associations will have a unique opportunity to showcase their value and importance in the Halls of Congress!

On Tuesday, June 26, the ALA Washington Office has secured the Gold Room of the Rayburn House Office Building for the sole purpose of letting Members of Congress know all about 21st century libraries. As part of our Day on the Hill event, we want displays from every discipline to show our legislators just what libraries mean to America; from public libraries to school libraries, research libraries to special libraries.

We want the best, most forward-thinking librarians to show Members how many different innovative library services there really are in this country… and how many different librarians!

Unfortunately, space in the Gold Room is limited. If you have a good idea for an informative and captivating display, you need to submit it. Based on the submissions we receive, we’ll choose which groups we feel will compose the most effective and wide-ranging display.

Coordinate with others in your group or division for the best possible ideas. We need to show Congress how library services contribute to their communities!

Submission Details: In order to submit an idea for your group’s display, please send the following to

  1. A detailed description of your display;
  2. The approximate dimensions/size requirements of your display;
  3. Whatever technological needs you might have (electricity, Internet,

Deadline: April 12; we will let you know within a week of this date if your display is one of the ones chosen.

Further: In order to participate, you must be available on the morning of June 26 to set up your display. Building security is allowing us to come in as a group, without having to go through the standard security. If someone from your group can’t set up on that morning, please don’t submit a proposal.

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

One Comment

  1. This is an excellent way to display all
    the technological innovations that are

    currently in production and to share
    what’s to come. While we stretch the
    imaginations of the members of congress,
    we also need to share methods of
    archiving and preservation in order to
    prevent valuable information (i.e. EPA)
    from being lost. Our PAVES initiative
    (Print Archives Validate Electronic
    Serials) would be one option.

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