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Your Answers Needed Regarding Optional State Sales Tax Table

The IRS has asked if libraries would like to have a publication with directions on Optional State Sales Taxes. Please email Andy Bridges – – with a yes or no. Simple majority will rule. We must communicate your desires by December 29.

More precisely, the IRS Distribution Center is trying to determine if they should send an automatic distribution of Publication 600, Optional State Sales Tax Table, to the libraries. There are five states that would be excluded from the automatic distribution (Oregon, New Hampshire, Alaska, Delaware, and Montana) because their citizens are ineligible.

The automatic distribution of Pub 600 would be equal to 10 percent of its Plan size (e.g. accounts selecting Plan 50 will receive 5 pubs, accounts selecting Plan 100 will receive 10 pubs, etc.) Accounts in the Over 9000 Plan will receive a full case (about 1400).

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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