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Follow-Up: New IRS Claim Form

Thank you all very much for responding to yesterday’s IRS survey.

The IRS program that sends paper forms to the libraries reports that there will be a new form for Individuals who file for a Refund for the Telephone Excise Tax. The form is not completely approved yet.

The IRS will inform the ALA Washington Office when the form has been approved and is on its web site; we will send out an ALAWON at that time, which we are hoping will be before December 1, 2006.

Beginning December 1, the IRS plans to send those libraries that still get paper forms shipped to them a quantity of this new, four-page form that is at least 20% of the number of the 1040 forms they receive. The contractor who ships IRS forms will ship these new forms based on “container logic,” so some libraries could get more than 20%.

After you look at this form on the web site, if you think you would need more than the 20% number they plan to send you, you can request more.

Our survey of libraries who get paper forms from the IRS indicated that you thought you would need an average of 58%, so the IRS says that they will make more forms available if you ask for them.

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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