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ALA Washington Office Grants Page Updated

The ALA Washington Office’s Grants page has been updated with information about the following opportunities:


The Unitarian Universalist Associations’ Veatch Program at Shelter Rock supports nonprofit organizations in the U.S. whose goals reflect the principles of Unitarian Universalism, including peace and social justice, as well as programs that increase the involvement of Unitarian Universalists in social action.

Visit the website for detailed information on each of the grantmaking categories and instructions on developing letters of inquiry.


The National Geographic Society’s Conservation Trust supports innovative solutions to issues of global concern. The Trust will fund projects that contribute significantly to the preservation and sustainable use of the Earth’s biological, cultural, and historical resources. The Trust supports both efforts in the field and public-education campaigns that inform individuals about global issues, connect conservation issues to daily life, and enable people to take action. Projects that hold potential as media subject matter are also encouraged, as National Geographic’s audience offers grantees opportunities to make a broad public impact.


The PacifiCare Foundation‘s mission is to improve the quality of the lives of the disadvantaged or underserved in areas where PacifiCare Health Systems does business, including communities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, and Washington State. The Foundation provides support to nonprofit organizations in company communities that focus on nurturing healthy lifestyles.


The National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) grants program seeks to fund projects with potential for broad outreach to meet a financial literacy need that is not being met for a segment of the nation’s population. NEFE seeks projects whose outcomes can improve the public’s ability to achieve personal and household financial well-being. Of particular interest are pro-active research projects whose findings may cultivate critical thinking in the financial literacy community. Also of interest are development projects that actuate research recommendations.

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Jacob Roberts is the communications specialist for the ALA Washington Office.

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