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Game on (redux) for network neutrality

Today, the Federal Communications Commission voted to open a new Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on ensuring the Open Internet. This marks (another) beginning in our work to advocate for enforceable rules that protect equitable access to online information. The American Library Association will actively engage–with our members, with our library allies, with the FCC and with Congress, if needed–in this ... Read More »

Thanking a Friend

Often the first step in preparing a retirement celebration is to ask colleagues and friends to share stories about the person retiring. It’s not often that you receive more stories than can possibly be incorporated into a two minute speech at the goodbye and good luck party. This was definitely the case when we announced Bob Bocher’s retirement from the ... Read More »

Congratulations to Vivian Pisano on her retirement

Vivian Pisano, Chair of the OITP Advisory Committee in 2009-2010, retires today as Chief of Information Technology at the San Francisco Public Library.  OITP, just as the other entities in ALA, depend on dedicated, knowledgeable members such as Vivian to accomplish its work.   “Pleasure” seems to be the watchword in describing relationships with Vivian.  Committee member Pat Ball remarked on ... Read More »