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What did YOU do during summer vacation?

Congress is now in a five-week recess. Some pundits are asking recess from what? because this 113th Congress has passed even fewer bills in its first months between January and August than even the previous lowest-scoring 112th Congress. When they return, they will have only nine legislative days until the government shuts down. Neither side of government (House or Senate) ... Read More »

Amash Amendment Fails 205-217

In a House vote late yesterday, July 24th, 217 representatives went on record supporting the massive and once-secret National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance program recently made public by NSA contractor Edward Snowden.  The final vote was 205 FOR the Amash amendment and 217 AGAINST. 111 Democrats united with 94 Republicans to defund the NSA’s blanket surveillance of Americans not suspected of ... Read More »

Amash Amendment gains support

Update, 3:45pm EST: It looks like the amendment will make it to the House floor around 6:30pm EST. Please keep calling until then. You can find talking points and calling info at the Legislative Action Center. Your calls are incredibly important! Thanks to all those who have taken action. Several key civil liberties organizations have announced their support for the ... Read More »