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Mr. President: Libraries are rungs on the ladder of opportunity

In a statement released today, American Library Association (ALA) President Barbara Stripling connected the dots in her response to President Barack Obama’s 2014 State of the Union address. Key themes from the speech that form the basis of library services in communities across the country include: The need to create and bolster ladders of opportunity; Early learning is one of ... Read More »

ALA ready to bring high-capacity broadband to libraries with FCC’s O’Rielly and Wheeler

The American Library Association congratulates Tom Wheeler and Michael O’Rielly on their Senate confirmation to the Federal Communications Commission. As Senator Thune referenced in Wheeler’s nomination hearing last June, this is a pivotal time in communications history and it is prime time for visionary leadership. ALA is ready to shape a vision for broadband access for America’s libraries and the ... Read More »

Senate E-rate hearing to feature Maine State Librarian

Maine State Librarian (and ALA E-rate Task Force Chair) Linda Lord will be the voice of libraries to the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation on July 17 when it holds a hearing on strengthening the E-Rate program and expanding access to the latest digital technology and learning tools in our libraries and schools. The hearing is timed to ... Read More »

Some thoughts on knowledge production, makerspaces, and libraries

Last week, I had the privilege of participating in the conference “Networking Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design to Confront the Hard Problems of Our Time,” held at the Smithsonian Institution, and co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, and the Network for Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design (SEAD). SEAD’s mission is to “operate in entrepreneurial, sustainable ... Read More »