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Librarian of Congress now term limited

With the stroke of a pen, the President has established for the first time a set term of office for the Librarian of Congress. Rather than serve for life, the next and all future Librarians will enjoy a 10-year term of office renewable for the same length of time upon reconfirmation by the Senate. Legislation authorizing the change, the Librarian ... Read More »

Life-term for nation’s librarian running out?

The hourglass is running out as Congress considers a term-limit for the Librarian of Congress.

Hard on the heels of the recent surprise announcement that the current Librarian of Congress, Dr. James Billington, would accelerate his retirement from year’s end (as announced in June) to September 30, the Senate last night approved legislation to limit the service of all future Librarians. Co-authored by all five members of the Senate’s Joint Committee on the Library, and ... Read More »