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What Can You Learn from a Bookmobile in an Oil Crisis?

In 1973, to protest United States support of Israel during the Yom Kippur War, the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries launched an oil embargo that led to widespread gasoline shortages in the U.S. and around the world. While many Americans waited in long lines at gas stations, or went without, others found less savory solutions. For months during the ... Read More »

Defining Digital Literacy – guest post from Renee Hobbs

What is digital literacy? The term has been rising in visibility since 2009 but it has been used quite differently by a variety of stakeholders including policy makers, educators, and business and technology professionals. Next week, at the American Library Association’s annual conference, I’ll be moderating a discussion about four distinct but interrelated definitions and and uses of this important term. ... Read More »

Disconnection: Part of a Balanced Information Diet

After reading The Thinking Life: How to Survive in the Age of Distraction (Forni, Pier; St. Martin’s Press, 2011), I started thinking about the impact of technology on both my personal and working life. Like many people today I am seldom far from my computer, email or Droid. Even while reading for relaxation, I have a computer at hand to ... Read More »

Playing hide & seek with digital collections [guest blog]

Happy Day of Digital Archives, everyone! My name is Gwen Glazer, and I was a Google Policy Fellow with the American Library Association in 2010. While at ALA, I worked on a paper about digitizing hidden collections(pdf) in small and medium-sized public libraries. Now, we’re talking about not only how to help libraries get their materials online, but how the ... Read More »

Guest Blog: Three Graduate Projects and a Dissertation

By:  Christopher Harris, School Library System, Genesee Valley Educational Partnership (New York) and Member of the OITP E-books Task Force and the OITP Advisory Committee  Short back story: I am getting ready to teach LIS 506: Introduction to Information Technology, a course in the State University of New York Buffalo’s LIS program. For that course, my primary text is James Gleick’s The ... Read More »