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What’s next for surveillance reform?

Library advocates can expect 2014 to be a year full of privacy and surveillance issues. The potential for reform of our country’s surveillance laws and programs is serious business and will take dedicated association and grassroots resources to contribute to reform efforts. As noted in the first part of our blog series on surveillance, one of the considerations for the ... Read More »

What did YOU do during summer vacation?

Congress is now in a five-week recess. Some pundits are asking recess from what? because this 113th Congress has passed even fewer bills in its first months between January and August than even the previous lowest-scoring 112th Congress. When they return, they will have only nine legislative days until the government shuts down. Neither side of government (House or Senate) ... Read More »

Only we can demand more accountability

As news breaks that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has been renewing (every three months for seven years) a Section 215 order to obtain phone records of all Verizon customers, the American Library Association is calling on Congress to provide more accountability and transparency about how the government is obtaining and using vast amounts of information about innocent people. In ... Read More »