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ALA, Ebooks & Digital Content: What’s Next?

ALA Annual Conference, June 29, 2013, Saturday, 1:00 — 2:30 p.m., Convention Center S502: Come to learn about ALA ebook activities and plans from the leadership of ALA’s Digital Content Working Group (DCWG). A distinguished panel will then provide views on libraries as publishers and stewards of America’s digital cultural heritage, and how ALA can best advocate for these important ... Read More »

How Libraries are Evolving in the New Digital Realm

As concepts like self-publishing and digitized materials come to the forefront, how are libraries evolving in the new book world? In the new American Libraries digital supplement Digital Content: What’s Next?, leading library practitioners and experts discuss promises and “Faustian bargains” of ebooks. The future-focused digital supplement examines how libraries are evolving in response to the digital revolution, including exploiting ... Read More »

Three essential features of any ebook business model for your library

Nationwide, many libraries are facing constraints from publishers on how ebooks can be used–publishers are limiting the number of ebook loans, perpetuating the print model of one user per ebook license purchased, and restricting consortial and interlibrary loans. To address library concerns about the ebook market, the American Library Association (ALA) today released “Ebook Business Models for Public Libraries,(pdf)” a ... Read More »

This Week: ALA Seeking Feedback on Digital Content

The ALA’s Digital Content and Libraries Working Group, which tackles ebook-related issues, is seeking feedback from individuals who experiment with the creation, publication, and preservation of digital content. The deadline to participate in the survey is Friday, June 1, 2012. We are looking for digitization effort experiments that can help ALA recommend policies, address issues, or promote information exchange about ... Read More »