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Webinar: Protect the freedom to read in your library

Washington, D.C. Public Library, Photo by Phil Freelon

What do you do when a patron or a parent finds a book in your library offensive and wants to take it off your shelves? How do you remain sensitive to the needs of all patrons while avoiding banning a title? How can you bring attention to the issue of book banning in an effective way? In this 1-hour webinar ... Read More »

Banned books take center stage—or main entrance—at ALA Annual

Like baseball it’s a Great American Pastime–policymakers, school boards, and parents alike grappling with issues of censorship and how to reconcile them with our (arguably) more-important First Amendment rights. Just last month, one Tennessee county school board voted to ban The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, which tells the story of an autistic teenager investigating the death ... Read More »