NTIA/BTOP/BIP Webinar Slide Decks and Video Now Available

Yesterday the ALA Washington Office conducted a webinar that follows up our previous webinar on the NOFA. Featuring Greg Rohde of e-Copernicus, Lynne Bradley of the OGR, Alan Inouye of OITP and John Windhausen of Telepoly, this webinar details what is likely to make a successful application for stimulus funds. You can find the slide decks and audio + video ... Read More »

ALA Washington Office Announces Upcoming BTOP/BIP Webinar

The ALA Washington Office is sponsoring another webinar Wednesday, July 22 at 12:30 PM EST on Public Computing Centers and Sustainable Broadband Adoption Funding. After the earlier webinar which was an overview of BTOP and BIP; this webinar will give potential library applicants specific information and support for their planned applications to the BTOP funding categories of Public Computing Centers ... Read More »

Know Your Stimulus Webinar

John Windhausen from Telepoly, Chris McLean (former Administrator of the Rural Utilities Service) and Greg Rhode (former Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information and Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration), now partners in the e-Copernicus consulting company will guide you through an overview of the application process for broadband stimulus money and answer any questions you ... Read More »

ALA Washington Office Webinar: Coalition Building in Your Community

Would you like an extra set of hands to help get the word out about your library?  How about several sets of hands?  When managed correctly, coalitions can bring needed expertise, credibility and resources to bear on your efforts to advocate for your library.  Hear ALA Washington Office staff and other library experts share their criteria for getting involved in ... Read More »

ALA Washington Office Webinar: New Year, New Advocacy

It’s a new year and that means it’s time for some new year’s resolutions.  If one of yours is to boost the profile of your library and gain more support from elected officials during tough economic times, then this is the session for you.  With a new administration, a new Congress and new faces in legislatures around the country, the ... Read More »