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Fair Use highlighted at Re:Create conference

"Copyright on the Horizon" panelists discuss the future of copyright law, fair use and the Copyright Office.

In his opening remarks at the November 17 Re:Create conference, Public Knowledge President & CEO Gene Kimmelman shared his thoughts about fair use as a platform for today’s creative revolution, and about it being a key to the importance of how knowledge is shared in today’s society. That set the tone for a dynamic discussion of copyright policy and law ... Read More »

Copyright looks different from Jamaican eyes

Street in Montigo Bay, Jamaica

This week, the Re:create Coalition of which ALA is a founding member held two events: One highlighting academic research in copyright held at Howard University School of Law; and a half day of panel discussions on “Modernizing Copyright Law for Today’s Reality.” The program on academic research hosted by the Institute for Intellectual Property and Social Justice at Howard University ... Read More »

5 things you shouldn’t forget this holiday season


5.  Thaw the turkey! 4.  Accidentally don’t remember to buy glitter. 3.  Stock up on elf repellent 2.  Open the fireplace flue all the way (whether you’re expecting Santa or not). 1.  Bake an “Advocake”! “What the ^%$&#@?!@ is an Advocake?” we hear you saying. Glad you asked! We happen to have the recipe right here. There’s no better way ... Read More »

DOL grants offer a window of opportunity

The Department of Labors Employment and Training Administration is seeking grant applications from community organizations, including libraries.

Libraries are already in the business of serving their communities. Librarians may not be aware, however, that the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) offers a wide variety of grants to organizations and other entities, such as libraries, that are able to match up their resources with the variety of DOL training, educational and employment programs aimed to prepare and equip ... Read More »

Restrictions thwart 3D printing exemption

Library of Congress' rules for unlocking 3D printers thwart the exemption. Courtesy of Amanda Slater, Flickr.

Copyright Office to makers: Break unfair 3D printing DRM – but not really. Since late last year, the American Library Association has been tracking and participating in the latest round of the 1201 Rulemaking. Through this rulemaking process, the Copyright Office evaluates petitions for hacking barriers to digital content (formally known as Digital Rights Management) for lawful purposes. (ALA recently welcomed ... Read More »