Discuss E-Rate Face-to-Face with Expert John Noran at ALA Conference

Does your library get E-rate discounts? Would you like to learn more about the program? Do you apply for E-rate, but still have questions? On Sunday, June 24, 2012, the American Library Association’s Office for Information Technology Policy will host a face-to-face Q&A session with E-Rate expert John Noran at the 2012 Annual American Library Association Conference. Noran is the ... Read More »

Thanking a Friend

Often the first step in preparing a retirement celebration is to ask colleagues and friends to share stories about the person retiring. It’s not often that you receive more stories than can possibly be incorporated into a two minute speech at the goodbye and good luck party. This was definitely the case when we announced Bob Bocher’s retirement from the ... Read More »

ALA supports FCC proposal to fund digital literacy training through public libraries

The American Library Association (ALA) yesterday filed comments (pdf) with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) supporting its proposal to advance broadband adoption by low-income people through digital literacy training in our nation’s public libraries and schools.  After wide consultation with the library community, the ALA asserted six main points: Digital literacy is vital to ensuring equal opportunity in a knowledge ... Read More »

ALA Supports FCC Digital Literacy Initiative

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently released a public notice seeking comments on who or what organizations should be involved in implementing a nationwide Digital Literacy program.  This FCC action is an initial step in implementing Recommendation 9.3 in the National Broadband Plan which calls for the federal government to initiate a Digital Literacy program.  As the National Broadband Plan ... Read More »

From the “couldn’t have said it much better” file…

Last week ALA Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) intern Lauren Vilbert and I attended the National Journal Policy Briefing: Technology 2012 and Beyond featuring two panels of telecommunications and technology experts discussing issues ranging from broadband and innovation policy to privacy and data security to spectrum allocation. The policy summit was placed within the context of the 2012 elections, ... Read More »