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National Impact of Library Public Programs

Langsam Library shot from different views n the summer.

Within the library community, we understand the value of public programming—at least from an experiential perspective, seeing how our users benefit. But how can we understand the benefits and challenges of public programming systematically across libraries, and ultimately at a national level? The National Impact of Library Public Programs Assessment (NILPPA), a project of the American Library Association’s (ALA) Public ... Read More »

Alan’s NYC Adventure


I spent much of last week in New York City as part of the American Library Association (ALA) advocacy effort regarding ebooks. These meetings with publishing executives are described in my post on the American Libraries magazine’s E-content blog. However, I also engaged in some other activities during this trip. I had the pleasure of participating in Jim Neal’s retirement ... Read More »

ALA to host copyright policy discussion in Washington, D.C.


#174601328 / The way we access and use information in the digital age is fundamentally mediated by copyright policy. For several decades, this policy has been largely shaped by commercial interests. However, in the last three years, several court decisions have been more protective of public access to information and accommodating to the needs of the education, research, and ... Read More »

Celebrating the National Student Poets Program

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending a dinner to honor the National Student Poets. Each year, the National Student Poets Program recognizes five extraordinary high school students, who receive college scholarships and opportunities to present their work at writing and poetry events across the country–which includes events at libraries. To qualify for the National Student Poets Program, one ... Read More »