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New Freedom Act could reform PATRIOT Act

Today, Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and Representative Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) introduced the USA FREEDOM Act, a bill that would place restrictions on bulk phone and internet government surveillance, and permit companies to make public the number of FISA orders and National Security Letters received. This bicameral piece of legislation would rewrite section 215 of the Patriot Act–also called the “library ... Read More »

Representatives Goodlatte and Sensenbrenner to offer reform proposals to the USA PATRIOT Act

The House Judiciary Committee (HJC) held a closed hearing on the morning of September 18th to hear from senior intelligence officials. Reports about the hearing indicate that current HJC Chairperson, Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) is “convinced that further protections are necessary;” he announced intentions to propose legislation that would bring “more protections.” Apparently, at the same hearing, the author of the ... Read More »

Campaign for Reader Privacy Renews Call to Amend Patriot Act

Today, organizations representing booksellers, librarians, publishers, and authors called on Congress to pass legislation to restore privacy protections for bookstore and library records that were stripped by the Patriot Act as a first step toward reining in what the group calls “runaway surveillance programs.” Read the full statement released today by the Campaign for Reader Privacy, a joint initiative of ... Read More »

USA PATRIOT Act Revisited

New revelations of government surveillance programs are raising questions in the civil liberties community about ways to improve the balance between individual privacy rights and terrorism prevention. Library advocates are encouraged to participate in the “WE TOLD YOU SO…Proven Use of the “Library Provision,” an interactive session on surveillance issues that will be held during the 2013 Annual American Library ... Read More »

Congress renews USA PATRIOT Act without needed reforms

Late on Thursday, May 26, Congress passed reauthorization of three key sections of the PATRIOT Act without any changes for four more years.  By establishing the next sunset deadline of June 1, 2015, Congress has kicked the ball out-of-bounds rather than truly address the troubling issues in the USA PATRIOT Act. ALA has actively worked for USA PATRIOT Act reform ... Read More »