ALA urges Senators to probe Sessions on privacy

ALA, together with a baker’s dozen of allied organizations, has written to the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on the eve of its hearings on the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions

Senator Jeff Session at his confirmation hearing

Source: 13newsnow

(R-AL) to serve as the nation’s next Attorney General. Detailing concerns about Sen. Sessions’ record on a host of issues – including expressly his opposition to the special protection of library patron records – the letter calls on Committee members to use the hearings to “carefully investigate Senator Sessions’ record on privacy and seek assurances that he will not pursue policies that undermine Americans’ privacy and civil liberties.”

Orchestrated by the Center for Democracy & Technology, the American Association of Law Libraries and Association of Research Libraries also signed the letter, as did other prominent national groups, including: Access Now, Amnesty International USA, the Constitutional Alliance and Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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Adam Eisgrau is a 30-year veteran of Washington legal practice, government service, public and private sector lobbying, and strategic communications and policy consulting. Adam first handled digital copyright matters for ALA from 1995 to 1999 and rejoined the Washington Office in September 2014 as managing director of the Office of Government Relations. His issue portfolio includes copyright, privacy and surveillance, cybersecurity, encryption and data security. Adam received a BA in American Studies from Dartmouth College and his JD from Harvard Law.


  1. This would be good. We need someone who can roll back the mass surveillance programs:

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