Summertime, and the lobbyin’ is easy…

District Dispatch is willing to bet that your Senators and Representative to Congress aren’t spending much time this summer wriggling their toes in the sand (unless you happen to live near the beach) or sipping espresso al fresco in Paris (unless you live near a big hotel in Las Vegas).  Although Washington-speak for August is that Congress is “in recess,” what every Senator and Member of Congress is really in is their own backyard– which is to say your backyard– kissing babies and meeting with the people who elect and, they hope, re-elect them.  That’s even more true in summers right before an election, like this one.

That means this is your chance to take those toes out of the sand or the pool for just a few minutes and point them, or at least your phone or computer, in the direction of your nearest (and they really are close) Member of Congress.  We Washington Office types may be useful but, truth be told, you’re the one who’s essential when it comes to persuading Senators and Representatives to do the right thing. Tip O’Neill, the legendary former Speaker of the House, famously said that “all politics is local.”  He was right then and he’s right now.

So, speaking of “right now,” please stop reading this posting immediately and visit ALA’s Legislative Action Center.   Once there, take just 30 seconds to sign up for legislative alerts (Spoiler Warning: you’re about to get one next week aimed at pushing two critical privacy protection bills onto the floor in Congress and out to the President’s desk).  Truth is, we need you this Summer more than ever.

Everybody into the pool!!!

About Adam Eisgrau

Adam Eisgrau is a 30-year veteran of Washington legal practice, government service, public and private sector lobbying, and strategic communications and policy consulting. Having originally served as its first Legislative Counsel from 1995 to 1999 handling digital copyright matters, Adam rejoined ALA’s Washington Office in September 2014 as Managing Director of the Office of Government Relations. His issue portfolio currently includes Copyright, Privacy & Surveillance, Cybersecurity, Encryption and Data Security. Adam received a BA in American Studies from Dartmouth College and his JD from Harvard Law School.

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