Are You in the Circle?

Anu VedanthamSince library director Anu Vedantham participated in the American Library Association’s December webinar on digital literacy, she’s become a lot more Web savvy. In fact, she’s even started to use Google Hanguout–the no-cost videoconferencing system used in the webinar series–in her own personal day-to-day life.

In an article on the University of Pennsylvania Weigle Information Common blog, Vedantham says:

I’ve used Google Hangouts more and more. I presented remotely to a graduate instructional technology class at Stockton College. Over Thanksgiving, our family used hangouts to chat with relatives in California, India and Japan. We had no troubles bringing PC and Mac desktops, laptops, iPads and iPhones into the same hangout space — and no echo even from people sharing the same couch. If you have not tried a hangout yet, it’s well worth a little play time.

In the rest of her post, Vedantham reviews the perks of using Google Hangout and discusses the illusion of privacy felt while using the tool.

Jazzy Wright is the Press Officer of the American Library Association's Washington Office. Email her at

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