Complete Copyright Webinar Video Now Available

Complete Copyright

Complete Copyright

Webinar video from the ALA webinar “Complete Copyright for K—12 Librarians and Educators” is now available. As part of the webinar developed specifically for instructors and school librarians, bestselling copyright authority Carrie Russell discussed common copyright concerns explored in her newly released book of the same title.

Webinar participants will learn:

  • How to legally provide materials to students
  • Copyright must-knows for librarians and educators
  • Fair use
  • Creation of the copyright law
  • Use of copyright materials in school settings
  • Copyrighted content in the social media age

View the webinar now on Adobe Connect or Vimeo.

Educators and school librarians can learn more about copyright law by purchasing Complete Copyright. Go to

Due to the high demand for the copyright webinar, the ALA Washington office will host several more webinars in the next coming months.

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Jazzy Wright was a press officer of the American Library Association's Washington Office.


  1. Audio doesn’t begin until 13:30 or so. The actual program begins at 14:35.

  2. Thank you for us know Mickey. We’re working to remedy this technical issue now.

  3. Sorry, Mickey! The audio should begin…well, at the beginning now. Thanks for pointing out our error. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

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