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ALA Washington Office launches new Twitter profile for legislative developments

The Washington Office has launched an information service for ALA members and others interested in legislative affairs. Through a new Twitter profile, you can learn about legislation and legislative developments of interest to libraries and librarians.

This includes notices (i.e. tweets) of actions Congress takes on legislation, such as when a bill is introduced, marked up, or voted on.

How to Sign Up
1. Go to www.twitter.com and create an account and profile (if you do not already have one).

2. In Twitter, search for the WO Legislative Info profile using the keyword:  ala_wo_leginfo

3. Go to the WO Legislative Info profile page and click the “Follow” button to receive updates.

Also on Twitter!
You can also receive updates from the Washington Office (WO) and the Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) through Twitter.  To get updates from the WO, search for and follow ala_wo.  And to get updates from the OITP, search for and follow oitp.

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