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Broadband program to highlight public use of library computers

Public libraries across the country are reporting a dramatic increase in the number of patrons coming in to use the public access computers — and the Internet. Many libraries talk about lines for computers forming before the library opens in the morning and many more have full computer sign-up sheets well in advance. What is driving this growing trend?

This topic will be explored during the Office for Information Technology Policy’s program, Broadband Adoption and the Role of the Public Library: Issues and Solutions” from 1:30-3:30 p.m., Saturday, June 26, in Convention Center, Room 147A. 

The panel discussion will address issues from the national, state, and local perspective including challenges for public libraries as non-adopters continue to flock to the library. Panelists will talk about specific concerns for vulnerable populations and present possible strategies for libraries that find themselves on the front lines. A collaborative effort currently underway to reach non-adopters lead by the New Mexico State Library will also be highlighted. Panelists include Mark Lloyd, Associate General Counsel/Chief Diversity Officer for the Federal Communications Commission; Susan Oberlander, New Mexico State Librarian; and Dharma Daily, Independent Researcher at Social Sciences Research Council.

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