OITP prepares summaries of successful library broadband stimulus applications to guide second-round applicants

The ALA Office for Information Technology Policy has prepared four summaries of successful library applications from the first round of broadband stimulus funding to provide second-round applicants with a snapshot of what went into these successful applications. Highlights include a brief project description, the projected budget and federal award, a project development discussion, and lessons learned. Information for the summaries was gathered from the NTIA and Broadband USA Web sites as well as phone interviews with applicants.

The four summaries are available on the ALA “Know Your Stimulus” Web page, www.ala.org/knowyourstimulus, under “Lessons Learned” and highlight the following projects:  Fast-Forward New Mexico, Spokane Broadband Technology Alliance, City of Boston Public Computing Centers, and Arizona Public Computer Centers.

About Jenni Terry

Jenni Terry was a press officer with the Washington Office.