ALA Washington Office Joins Diverse Group in Call to Action For National Broadband Strategy

On December 2, the ALA’s Washington Office joined forces with a wide-ranging coalition of organizations in releasing a Call to Action to President-elect Barack Obama and the next Congress, urging them to establish a comprehensive national broadband strategy.

The group, a mix of communications providers, high technology companies, manufacturers, consumers, labor unions, public interest groups, educators, state and local governments, utilities, content creators, foundations and many other groups, stressed the importance of a national broadband strategy to economic vitality, educational opportunity, public safety, energy efficiency, environmental stability and global competitiveness. The Call to Action set forth goals and outlined policies that would stimulate high-speed broadband investment, adoption and use nationwide.

Additional information about the national broadband Call to Action can be found on the Broadband For All Web site.

About Jenni Terry

Jenni Terry was a press officer with the Washington Office.


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